Travel Policy

The Travel Policy of a company is a clear guideline on who in the corporate organisation are allowed to travel in accordance with a few pre-determent parameters. Service Level Agreements are normally based on Travel Policy, allowing regular reviews of performance of the Travel policy

Service Level agreement (SLA)

A Service Level Agreement provides stipulated guidelines on the Travel agency’s workflow and performance, whilst measuring the corporate’s expectations and satisfaction. Glenwood Travel will work with our corporate clients in setting up both the Travel policy and Service Level agreement Some of the key policy items are listed here:

loyalty programmes Class of travel / accommodation allowed
approval process Appointed travel agent
Corporate travel Personal travel outside the business trip
Friends and family travel Travel insurance
Expense claim submission Account settlement and/or Bill-backs
Foreign exchange Order and Booking procedures
Safety and security procedures spending guidelines
Travel checklist Required documentation
Travel agent service fees Travel Health checks & facilities
Timeframes from requests to processing Meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE).

 London (direct) > R 13 900
 Paris > R 11 990
 Munich > R 11 950
 Nairobi > R 6 520
 Bangkok > R 9 850
 London (direct) > R14 850
 Paris > R 9 950
 Munich > R 11 750
 Nairobi > R 9 990
 Bangkok > R 10 750
 London (direct) > R14 850
 Paris > R 10 590
 Munich > R 11 850
 Nairobi > R 10 990
 Bangkok > R 11 650